February Preschool

This month we focused on our amazing human bodies. We explored how they move and our different senses. We introduced simple patterns and even changed up our schedule a little bit.

Our new schedule is currently in this order:
Opening Activity
Circle Time
Learning Lesson
Free Play
Music Time
Story Time
Arts and Crafts
Closing Activity

Refer to Preschool Introduction and Preschool Circle Time articles for a summary of what our schedule is. This change in schedule was to freshen up the routine and add some novelty as well as to move snack time slightly earlier to hopefully give the kids a bit of a mental break.

Opening Activities:

  • Pom Poms and tongs
  • Water Paint Valentines
  • Blocks and Mega Blocks
  • Kinetic Sand with taped thumbs

Circle Time: Refer to Circle Time Post

Learning Lessons:

  • Grid Mega Block Patterns – practiced abab patterns with mega blocks in a grid
  • Talked about how amazing our bodies are. We sang songs like Head, shoulders, knees, and toes, and other movement songs to explore how our bodies could move. ( use a drum when having kids skip, hop, clap, march, tiptoe)
    We’re Marching to the drum,
    We’re marching to the drum,
    Hie Ho, the dario, we’re marching to the drum,
    And the drum says stop.”

    tune: Farmer in the Dale
  • Sang a song called “Look Around the World With Me.” We took turns choosing things that we could see with our eyes.
  • Had a smelling activity. We took turns and smelled lotion, vanilla, vinegar, and cinnamon.
  • Had a tasting activity. We tasted salt, sugar, lime, and even a little hot sauce.
  • Had a texture/touch activity. We passed around different objects that felt differently. We used different descriptive words to build vocabulary and describe what we felt. (ice pack – cold, scissor – sharp, shaving cream – squishy, cotton balls – fluffy, soft, )
  • We experienced popping popcorn with all of our senses. We left the lid off the air popper and observed what happened. We talked about hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, and seeing the popcorn. It was wild.

Music Time: February Singing Time List

Arts and Crafts:

  • Hinges Body Puzzle -Used the PDF below, cut out the pieces and connected them with medal brads. As a fun addition, I cropped heads from each child’s individual preschool picture and stuck it on top of the paper doll. I had these all put together and the children colored them.
  • Pattern Worksheet-Used the attached farm pdf below to have the children practice recognizing abab patterns. Patterns are a little advanced for my young 3 year olds. For most it turned into a matching activity. We practiced using tape to attach the pictures.
  • We created a texture craft: PDF attached below. I had different mediums we glued onto the paper. (sandpaper, fleece, window clings, adhesive dots, and button.) see below for reference.
  • This month I sent home a pattern ‘busy activity’. I glued little magnet dots to pom poms and printed off the attached apple patterns. While patterns are not a mastered skill at this age we had fun practicing, exposing, and using new vocabulary words such as ‘change’ and ‘repeat.’ Click link for printable pattern page.

thumbnail of hinges puzzlethumbnail of farm abab patternsthumbnail of texture sheet

Closing Activities:

  • Freeze Dance with scarves
  • Kinetic Sand
  • Books
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