January Preschool

This month in preschool we really focused on order and goals. We also practiced categorizing. We were able to move on from just categorizing shapes and colors to categorizing items such as food, musical instruments, and animals.

For more about the philosophy and schedule of our little preschool please refer to earlier posts:Preschool Introduction.

Opening Activities:

  • Kinetic Sand (love this sensory activity so much, can’t recommend it enough)
  • Water Wows (I got a big set of these for my kids last Christmas, we just used cheap paint brushes instead of using the pens)

Circle Time (refer to older post)

  • This month we added dressing up our bunny paper dolls to be appropriate for the weather. Source : craftingcheerfully

Learning Lessons

  • Used the word goal, we practiced setting mini goals such as building a tower as tall as the chair or being brave and trying a new food at snack time to use the word in context. I asked the parents to come up with a goal for there child and sent home a little goal sheet (attached below) where they could keep track of their practicing. I also have an old post about age appropriate goals for toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Practiced morning routine. I created a chart using this site as a template to practice the routine with my kids. We set the tasks around the room and practiced doing them in order. Each and every child loved this activity. I sent home a morning routine chart with them after week 2. I really enjoy this article about how to incorporate a routine chart with younger children in your home.
  • Practiced setting a table. We used a table place mat and practiced setting a table just right. We used real dishes to set on top of the actual place mat and then tried hard to place the real dishes on the blank sheet to match the other place mat. Here is a good resource for an age appropriate place mat.
  • Categorized colors, we did this a few weeks with mega blocks and construction paper to solidify our skills and vocabulary. However, I realized we could move on and we started categorizing items into food groups, musical instruments, and animals. ( I used the game Hullaballo to this, I really recommend this game, but it can be hard to find for a reasonable price since it is discontinued)

thumbnail of Preschool Goal Sheetthumbnail of My Morning Routine






Music Time: January Music Time List

Story time:

  • We focused on the book: The Little Engine That Could. We read this book and talked about perseverance when it came to our goals

Art and Craft:

  • Train Dot Sticker Color Sort: I made a train out of construction paper and had the kids match the dot stickers to the correct train car. While this practiced color sorting skills I was also assessing their fine-motor skills. Attached at the bottom is the engine that I used.
  • Cotton ball snowman – we finally got some snow this month. So we did a little craft where we dipped cotton balls in a little bit of glue and put them in three little circles to create our snowman.
  • Glued on different pieces of our place mat to a blank place mat. This was a little more difficult for some and I needed to guide them through the project. Here is the link to the sample table place mat.
  • Silhouette Vehicle Match Game – Each child received a set of cards where they match the vehicle to the correct silhouette. The link to the exact source of the site is hard to find, however, I was able to take the picture and make a mini set for each child. (attached below)

thumbnail of steam enginethumbnail of vehicle silhouette matching







Closing Activities:

  • Books
  • Scarves and Kid’s Dance Music
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