December Preschool

For this month we just planned 3 weeks of preschool because of the holidays. We added a few more letters to practice recognizing as well as focused on service and sharing.

As usual, Circle Time and Music Time stayed similar. (sometimes I add things from previous months to review or something the kids really enjoyed) This month I added the High Five Counting Song.

Please refer to any previous posts for what our schedule looks like and why for preschool.

December Preschool – Service, Sharing, and Letter Recognition

Opening Activities –

Circle Time

Music Time – December List

Snack –

  • Usually snack is really calm, but I try hard to create experiences to talk about their food, how enjoyable food can be, what vitamins are in our food and then have them help prepare it. One week we ate some of the bread we made and I had them practice spreading their own butter.

Learning Lessons –

  • Letter Matching on a Christmas Tree – I simply drew a large Christmas tree and put a few target letters throughout. I then cut out ornaments (with different shapes and colors) that had the corresponding letters. We decorated/matched the letters on the tree.
  • Told Nativity – this can be used with any nativity set or printables. I used the Fisher Price Little People set. The kids loved it. They practiced retelling the story as well. We also acted out the Nativity.
  • Share and Tell – we each brought a toy from home, told our friends about it, and then chose to share.
  • Use puppets to tell a story about a little girl who learned to notice what others lacked and chose to share.
  • Play Santa Clause – I filled a bag with toys and we took turns being Santa. We talked about how kind Santa is and how giving he is. We practiced giving the toys out and being grateful.


Arts and Crafts –

  • Made Applesauce Christmas Ornaments with cookie cutters. Used this Recipe.
  • Made bread to use for the Sacrament the coming week. Used this recipe from @amberskitchen. I always use my Kitchenaid and the kids help poor ingredients and knead at the end.
  • Made Christmas tree card. I just folded paper, cut out a green construction paper Christmas tree, (see picture below) and bought adhesive jewels for them to stick on the card. (they were encouraged to take home the blank card and write to whomever they choose.)
  • Sent home Christmas Character Puzzles. Source :

Closing Activities –

  • Mega Blocks
  • Music Scarves and Christmas music
  • Kinetic Sand – kiddos love this stuff. It has excellent non messy texture plus they can easily mold it into fun shapes.


Sharing is Caring!

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