October Preschool

Halloween is a favorite for all young kids. It is so fun to work with excited kiddos! 5 weeks flew by working my preschoolers.

October – Emotions, Empathy, and Shapes

Opening Activities-

  • Matching Games
  • Stringing Pasta (stick spaghetti noodle in PlayDough and string noodles, this is great for little hands not quite ready for a string and small beads)
  • Hammering Golf Tees into Cardboard Boxes
  • Halloween Slime (made from Borax and Glue *wash hands afterwards!) Recipe Here

Circle Time: Read about circle time

Music Time: October List

Learning Lessons:

  • Categorize Happy and Sad faces! I printed faces off showing the two different emotions. We took turns and pinned them on our learning wall. This takes practice and years to master. (attached pdf below)
  • Practice making our own happy and sad face. We used a mirror and took videos and pictures of ourselves making different emotions with our faces.
  • Shape Hunt – added one shape at a time per week. We did circles, squares, and triangles. I taped them throughout the room and we hunted for them and brought them back to our learning wall. We practiced identifying the shape and color. (just cut out large shapes on construction paper)
  • Practice saying and attaching shapes to Jack-o-lanterns. I sent home a small dollar store cookie sheet and a magnet game. My goal is to send home some sort of a busy activity every month. The cookie sheet is magnetic and gives a space for the child to work. Source is toddlerapproved for the pumpkin shape match.

thumbnail of happy and sad facesthumbnail of Pumpkin Shape Movement Game Cardsthumbnail of Pumpkin Template Shapes labeled


Arts and Crafts-

  • Circle Collage – used Q-tip to dip glue and attached bright colored circles to black paper.
  • Square Collage – same as above
  • Shape Ghosts – Glued (dipping) Marshmallows around outline of all three shapes. (circle, square, and triangle) Attached googly eyes to make them ghosts.
  • Pumpkin volcanoes – Used mini plastic pumpkins filled with Baking Soda and diluted vinegar in squeezable condiment bottles to make witches brew. Activity from @busytoddler

Closing Activities-

  • Jumping – took our mini trampoline and couch cushions! Jumped and climbed!
  • Music Scarves and Halloween Music


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