Music Time Starter Box

It is no secret now, but I love music time and love hosting it in my home. For all my music time posts click here.

However, I have realized, as I have had more kids, my ability to share my visuals and props is not as easy. I am not always willing to print a billion of every holiday visual. So I got a group of friends together who were interested and we put together a “Music Time Starter Box”

I wanted everyone who had the time and desire to be able to come to music time. This box was the perfect way to get everyone started and not put so much stress on me for materials. Plus now they can do music time easily in their own homes during their long mornings and family nights.

I got a lot of bulk supplies off Amazon to cut on price. However, you can easily find smaller versions, but perhaps pay a little more. For our group of 10-12 girls it came out to $30 a box.

Included in the “Music Time Starter Box” are the following.

Plastic Tote
4 Pairs of Rhythm Sticks
4 Musical Scarves
4 Bells
4 Egg Shakers
4 Animal Masks (Laminated on Popsicle Sticks)
4 Sets of “In the Leafy Treetops”
2 gloves and 10 Little Monkey faces for each finger (attached PDF at the bottom)
1 Lyric Flipbook (attached PDF at the bottom)

There is the box. We had a great night cutting and laminating to put together our boxes! Now I just send my Music Time Box people a monthly email with the monthly songs and any optional visuals they can print.

thumbnail of 5 Little Monkey Facesthumbnail of music time start lyric flipbook

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