Songs About Vehicles

At the request of a friend, I decided to compile a few of my favorite vehicle songs. I admit, I had to do a bit of research and put a few rhymes together myself, but it was fun and slightly challenging.

Each song represents a different vehicle. We all know that toddlers have obsessions so I tried to find a song to hopefully match whatever ‘vehicular’ obsession your toddler has currently. (Tractor and Digger songs are still a work in progress, looking and creating! Someday I’ll find/create one!)

Choo Choo Train

tune: Jingle Bells

Choo choo train, choo choo train,
Chugging down the track.
Taking people here and there,
Clickity clickity clack!
Chug along, ring the bell,
Watch it go go go,
Chugging chugging down the track,
Hear the whistle blow.

Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck

By: The Kiboomers
This fun song also has a silly little Youtube video.

Zoom Zoom Zoom

I first heard this song at a library time in Utah when my oldest daughter wasn’t even a year old! It is such a cute lap bounce that all kids love. My 4 year old still loves it to this day.

Zoom zoom zoom (bounce child on knee)
We’re going to the moon.
Zoom Zoom Zoom
We’re gonna be there soon.
If you want to take a trip,
Climb aboard my rocket ship,
5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. BLAST OFF (lift child into hair)

I will show a video of this on my instagram! Follow along. This song is great!

If you love lap bounces, be sure to check out another post with three other lap bounces!

Airplane Song

tune: Fre’re Jacques
What young toddler isn’t obsessed with airplanes at one point. We made this easy little song up last year. I made it so simple so that the earliest of talkers had time to repeat what you are saying. We also love gliding and flying like airplanes as we sing this song. A video of this song is saved in my highlights on my Instagram account.

I’m a little airplane,
I’m a little airplane,
In the sky,
In the sky.
Swooping and gliding,
Swooping and gliding,
Way up high,
Way up high.

Car Wash

tune: This Old Man
For this song I took a rhyme that I knew, switched some words, left some out, etc. and created  song that fits the tune. I’m excited to teach this to my kiddos.

One little car in the car wash line,
Covered in mud and dirt and grime.
He went in the car wash —— scrub scrub scrub
splash splash splash and rub rub rub.

Monster Truck Song

tune: I”m a Little Teapot
My girls have no idea and have never showed any interest in monster trucks, however, even in my little nursery, some of my kiddos are obsessed! I bet they would love this song.

I’m a monster truck so big and loud
Driving in the mud, round and round.
Revving my engine for all to see,
I’m so tough and as strong as can be.


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