Tie Scrunchie Tutorial

I have fallen in love with these hair accessories! They are the perfect item for anybody, and especially a mother. When I just throw my hair in buns, ponytails, and braids I can easily dress it up with a tie scrunchie.

I sew a good amount and I always have little scraps that seem too small to make anything significant. These scrunchies are the perfect answer. Plus, I am usually sewing my little girls’ dresses and it’s super fun to have a discreet match.

See my discreet match!

I made a few for the fall season and have been planning to make a few for Spring as well. I decided to create a little pattern and tutorial.

This is a beginner sewing project that takes very little supplies.

The tutorial and video are for a child’s scrunchie, however, the sewing instructions are exactly the same. The different measurements for cutting are noted in the directions. Both patterns are included.

Sewing Machine
Matching Thread
1/4 yard of fabric — (honestly less)
8 inches of quarter size elastic (5 inches for child size)

**Use a quarter inch sewing allowance unless otherwise noted.

1.Use pattern and cut two on fold

2.Cut 3×16 rectangle (adult size)  or 2.5 x 9.5 rectangle (child size)

3.Fold rectangle in half long ways and sew leaving the ends open, right sides together. Turn

4.Place ‘tie’ pieces right sides together and sew along the edge. Leave about an inch open to turn it right sides facing out. I leave the middle open because After sewing and turning, iron flat.

5.String elastic through rectangle, using a safety pin. Sew elastic together creating a circle.

6.Sew rectangle pieces together.  This doesn’t have to be beautiful and you can even quickly hand stitch it. You cover this part up.

7.Tie the scrunch in a knot around the sewed part of the round scrunchie.

I use this in my braids, ponytails, and even the famous top knot!

thumbnail of Tie Scrunchie Pattern



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