Age Appropriate Goals for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I know not everyone is as goal oriented as I am. And that is okay. There are definitely pros and cons to being the Type A mom that I am. However, I do want my children to practice setting goals and reaching them from an early age. It doesn’t always matter how fast you reach those goals, but there is power behind intentional setting a goal, and I want my kiddos to know that feeling of success and even more important; PERSEVERANCE.

For the month of March our goal was perseverance. We spent time reading and discussing the book; The Little Engine That Could, as well as singing a little song about the ‘persevering engine.’ We reminded each other to be patient with ourselves when working on hard tasks.

In light of this goal I decided to compile a list of 25 goals and tasks that are age appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers. Some I have worked on with my children, others I am currently working on, and then there are some we will tackle in the future,(or never). Remember all kids are different. Some of the tasks will come at different times for different kiddos. However, I think it is important for our kids to struggle, (in a safe environment), persevere, and fill successful.

Goals for Toddlers and Preschoolers

  1. Put on shoes
  2. Buckle Car seat
  3. String pasta/fruit loops on string
  4. Stick Velcro together
  5. Roll a play dough snake
  6. Cut paper with scissors
  7. Trace anything! (shapes, lines, letters, etc.)
  8. Pull up pants
  9. Button buttons
  10. Do somersaults
  11. Walk along straight lines/curved lines
  12. Skip
  13. Hop on one foot
  14. Jump Rope
  15. Match pictures
  16. Pedal a bike or tricycle
  17. Stack blocks
  18. Spin a game spinner
  19. Whistle
  20. Blow bubbles with gum
  21. Blow bubbles with bottle of bubbles
  22. Throw a ball, under and over hand
  23. Catch a ball
  24. Jump in a pool
  25. Perform in front of an audience

Don’t use this list as a checklist that children should learn by age 5, this is just a list to get you started with goal setting with your child. Most of these tasks are things that come in their own time or never if the child isn’t interested. The goal isn’t always to complete the task efficiently (though that is a plus), the goal in this case is persevering.


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