4 Songs We Are Singing in November

October has ended. It is kind of a bittersweet feeling, but I also love November! Even though it gets considerably colder this month (not my favorite), I love Thanksgiving! The focus on gratitude, good manners, good food and a good old history story about endurance and friends are beautiful topics that I love to focus on with my children. And of course.. I love the songs. For this month I went through my fall and thanksgiving topics. The songs this month are focused on Autumn time, gratitude, and kindness.

It’s Autumn Time

By: Rita Mae Olsen

This is an easy fall time song. Even the youngest of toddlers can find this tune catchy and the words simple.

It’s autumn time, its autumn time,
The leaves are falling down.
It’s autumn time,  its autumn time,
It’s all around the town.

It’s autumn time. It’s autumn time.
There’s yellow, red, and brown.
It’s autumn time. It’s autumn time.
Bright colors can be found.

Autumn-Time is Coming

Tune: Frer’e Jaques

This is a simple song about the color of leaves on trees falling to the ground. We use paper, laminated leaves in these colors. This helps us identify the colors and simulate them falling to the ground. We love to connect this song to actual leaves we see falling to the ground when the wind blows.

Red leaves falling
Red leaves falling
On the ground
On the ground
Autumn-time is coming
Autumn-time is coming
All around
All around.

*repeat song with yellow, brown, and/or orange.

For Thy Bounteous Blessings

Words by: Lester Bucher

This song, though short, is a little more complicated. My preschooler loves new words and this song has a lot of words that can spark conversation about gratitude and love. Plus listening to younger kids try to bumble through the words is adorable. This song can also be done in a round. Young kids cannot typically sing a round, but I love when I can do a round with my husband. I feel that it is beneficial for them to listen to the round.

1- For thy bounteous blessings,
2- For thy wondrous word,
3- For thy loving kindness,
4- We give thanks, O Lord.

Numbered for the four parts in the round.

Kindness Begins With Me

By: Clara McMaster

We have a lot of songs we use to encourage good behavior in our home and this is one of our staples. I wish I could say it solved all problems, but lets be honest, I still have to remind myself to be kind. However, I love using this song as a good gentle reminder when we are having a conflict, or singing in the car before we attend a play date. My children are also singing this song on my Instagram account under my teaching songs highlight on my profile.

I want to be kind to everyone,
For that is right you see,
So I say to myself,
“Remember this,
Kindness begins with me.”

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