Music Time Halloween Party 2018

Since Halloween songs are my absolute favorite I always try to have a special Halloween themed music time. We encourage costumes and sing our favorite Halloween songs. I even throw in a Halloween Craft and a fun Halloween treat.

Looking for a fun play date idea with a creative theme? A Halloween Music Time party is simple, yet so much fun! With a music time party it is fairly easy to feel successful. Kids love and respond to music quickly, plus, if you have a consistent music time, the kids are excited and ready to participate! Two weeks before, we had a music time where we sang the same songs to help the children be familiar with them the second time. When it was party time my little music time attendees were more than ready to go!

In a Halloween themed music time we try to keep the same routine. We still take out the carpet squares, and even sing the same opening and closing song. However, a little fun twist. Instead of using the kiddo’s individual names, we used their costume names. Older toddlers and preschoolers think this is especially funny! For some fun song ideas check out my past blog posts this month: Songs We are Singing in October, and Songs About Pumpkins. My Instagram account also has fun posts and story highlights with festive books and songs.

Every year is different, however, this year we made silly little Jack-o-lanterns. One of the songs we sang is about the shapes on a Jack-o-lantern’s face. I traced a simple pumpkin on orange paper, then cut out yellow mouths for them to glue on the pumpkin. I then cut squares, triangles, and circles for them to choose as the eyes and noses.

Our little treat was a ‘pumpkin patch in a cup’. Such a fun and easy snack, however, quite messy! The ingredients include: crushed oreos, chocolate pudding, gummy worms, and candy corn pumpkins. Layer the oreos and chocolate pudding in a clear cup for the full effect.


I love having themed music times, ESPECIALLY HALLOWEEN! Hope you have fun trying one of your own.

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