Old McDonald’s Farm Animal Masks – free printable visual

Old McDonald Had a Farm is a familiar, well loved song. I seriously don’t know a kid that hasn’t learned this song and loved this song. While there are millions of book variations, our favorite visual to use with this song are animal masks! This week I updated my current animal masks for you and illustrated them with some color so they are all ready for you to print and use!

While learning animal seems like such a basic task. It is actually a pre-literacy skill that is so helpful and important. Besides a fun conversation, there is actually a reason that we teach our children to associate things and pictures with sounds. (ex. animals and cars). This is a pre-learning skill to basic phonics; learning letters and the associated sound. So while you and your child are loving this song, don’t forget you are actually teaching your child something so valuable, outside of building their confidence. (which is invaluable in my book).

I have updated 4 animal masks that are available for free. Click on the link below for the PDF version.I would recommend laminating these masks and taping a Popsicle stick on the back. My old ones have been well loved, but still fairly usable thanks to lamination.  Don’t forget to cut out the eyes!

thumbnail of Dog and Pig Animal Masksthumbnail of Cow Maskthumbnail of Cat Maskthumbnail of horsethumbnail of duck

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