5 Songs That Teach Colors

Colors are one of the first thing that little toddlers start to recognize and actually identify with words! Every child is different, but colors are usually developmentally appropriate to start teaching around 18 months. While some children seem to concentrate and care about CORRECTLY identify a color, some lose interest. ( I have also found that mine will just guess if they don’t know for sure.) Regardless if your child is a color whiz or not, singing songs about colors can be helpful and just fun. Drawing attention visually to bright, distinct colors is exciting and engaging.

My youngest girl, (Jordyn) just turned two and is starting to actually care about getting the color correct!! HOORAY! It has been a long time coming since we have talked about them nonstop for 6 months. She is starting to love songs that help her show off her new skill. I compiled 5 songs that we have sang together that she has loved.

P.S. My 3, almost 4 year old loves these songs too. Even though she knows her colors, she still cannot get enough them. I don’t think kids ever get sick of ‘knowing’ the correct answer.

5 Songs That Teach Colors

Clothing Colors Song

tune: If You’re Happy and You Know It

This little tune helps children look at their own clothes and identify colors, it then give them an action if they can find the color.

If your clothes have any red, any red
If your clothes have any red, any red,
If your clothes have any red, put your finger on your head,
If your clothes have any red any red.

Other verses:
blue – finger on your shoe
Black- tap your neighbor’s back
yellow – smile like a happy fellow
white – give a hug with all your might.

If You Have a Red Scarf

tune: Mary’s Wearing a Red Dress

I have shared this song multiple times, because we have been obsessed! We love to use our scarves and this song is one of our favorite ways to do it! In this song children take turns as they get to stand up when their color scarf is called out. I love songs that give children individual spotlight during their turn. We love to use our scarves and this is the perfect song.

If you have a red scarf, red scarf, red scarf,
If you have a red scarf, please stand up.

Wave wave wave your scarf wave your scarf wave your scarf,
Wave wave wave your scarf, now sit down.

Rainbow Colors

tune: twinkle twinkle little star

Red and orange, green and blue,
shiny yellow, purple too!
These are the colors that we know,
way up high in the great rainbow.
Red and orange, green and blue,
shiny yellow, purple too.

Pass the Color

tune: Row Row Row Your Boat

This song is a game that helps children learn to pass around a circle. The children pass a crayon around the circle. My children cannot handle the excitement of this game. (in a good way usually) At the end of the song the child with the crayon identifies the color.

Pass, pass, pass, the color
This is the game we play!
When the little song is through,
The color name we’ll say.

Green Says Go

This is a chant doesn’t have a tune. We sing this song with colored dots for each color, we sing this with scarves and wave the scarves according to the speed, we have also used shakers and sticks to practice different speeds with this song. Movement such as clapping and marching also works well. (there are so many different avenues). We have also sang this in the car while we ‘impatiently’ wait at traffic lights.

Green says, ‘Go!’
Go Go Go!
Yellow says, ‘Slow!’
Slow… Slow… Slow
And red says, ‘STOP’
Go go go!
Slow… slow… slow
and STOP!

Have fun singing these fun color songs. I have found that is gets my children familiar with the color vocabulary and than helps them practice their color knowledge.


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