Rules for Parents During Music Time

Last month I published a short blog post with the rules for music time that I encourage my music time attenders to follow  to keep the chaos to a minimum in order to create a safe space for the maximum fun! Check it out. It is a good read and super realistic and beneficial for all ages practicing any structured type of activity.

However, I love introducing slightly complex visuals, actions, and manipulative props to my kiddos that need parental guidance an example at the beginning, especially at those young ages. While some of my music time groups only have a me as the leader and one other adult helper, my favorite music time includes all the mothers (or fathers).

With parents invited though, I do expect my parents to be engaged as well. Modeling is the best way to parent and teach children. I have found that my kids don’t care as much for what I say to them as much as what I show them in my own behavior.

3 Rules For Parents During Music Time

  1. Smile

    This rule shouldn’t be hard, but can be easily forgotten. Have fun at music time with your child. Show them how fun and engaging the songs can be.

  2. Sing

    I do not want to be the only one singing. In groups of smaller toddlers and babies, I would be the only one singing if it wasn’t for my fellow moms! I depend on your voices. Even if you don’t know the song, try!! I can almost guarantee that most of these songs you will pick up on the second try. Plus chances are your child will want you to know the song for later. I can’t even count the times I get asked to sing a song out of the blue for my kiddos!

  3. Encourage

    Referring back to the simple rules for kids in my past post, I ask my parents and helpers to please encourage the children to follow these rules. This can be exhausting. Positive reinforcement, compliments, cheers, and the occasionally actually getting up and leading your child back to the group is sometimes very tiring. Especially to do with a smile on your face, however, the consistency and upbeat attitude is so helpful when helping children learn to engage with a group.I promise it gets easier with time and most importantly consistency.

That is it! Those are my only rules. Not too complicated, however, so important and almost vital to build a successful music time.

P.S. These are also the rules I have for my husband during family night! He felt silly at first, but now will absolutely say that he loves music time at family night! These rules have become second nature to him which help encourage my children to participate and engage so much! Just a little shout out to my husband because he is awesome!


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