Children’s Music Activities To Do With Scarves

We love to use scarves at our house. They are bright colored, light, easy to clean up, and so easy to incorporate with so many songs and activities. My favorite pack of scarves is sold on Amazon. They are pretty inexpensive. However, I have had no issues with quality for the past 3 years. They have held up great! The colors are very bright and vibrant, and they come in a pack of 12! This is more than enough for my personal uses, and my kids love to play and twirl with all the extras when I get them out.

Scarves are great for music time not only because they engage children as a new prop, but because you can manipulate them and they are easy to show musicality with! Even the smallest baby can grasp onto a scarf and wave it around. While older children can try more complicated tasks such as throwing and catching, drawing shapes, and crumpling it up into a ball. The possibilities are endless.

Scarves can be adapted to so many different songs.They make the most common sense with movement songs. I have collected 6 songs and activities that we have used and loved.

5 Activities To Do With Scarves

If You’re Holding a Red Scarf

tune: Mary’s Wearing a Red Dress

This song is great to teach colors, help children concentrate and listen to the words during a song, as well as get them moving and standing up in a structured way.

If you’re holding a red scarf red scarf red scarf
If you’re holding a red scarf please stand up!

Wave wave wave your scarf, wave your scarf, wave your scarf,
Wave wave wave your scarf, now sit down.

*insert with other colors of scarves you have besides red.

Use Scarves as Dancing Props

This can work with any song, but I really like to bring in some culture and put on some classical music. (or sometimes we just do a fun pop song 🙂 ) I encourage my children to listen to the speed of the song and dance and twirl with their scarves accordingly. Sometimes this is an activity while I cook dinner.


Scarf Movement Song

tune: Row Row Row Your Boat

Easy song to help children manipulate their scarf using different movements.

Wave wave wave  your scarf,
Wave  your scarf with me
Wave wave wave your scarf,
Wave your scarf with me.

* twirl, circle, crumble, throw, bounce, float, shake, etc.

One Bright Scarf

This is just a little rhyming chant that gives children direction of what to do with their scarves.

One bright scarf waiting for the wind to blow (hold in hand)
Wiggle it high, (wiggle scarf high)
Wiggle it low, (wiggle scarf low)
Shake it fast,
Shake it slow,
Put it behind your back,
Where did it go?

Do As I’m Doing

This is another movement song. We use this song to give children a chance to be the leader and pick the movement that they wish to do with the group.

Do as I’m doing
Follow follow me.
Do as I’m doing
Follow follow me.
I can do it high or low,
I can do it fast or slow,
Do as I’m doing
Follow follow me.
Do as I’m doing
Follow follow me.

*pick different movements and follow the words of the song.

Good luck singing these songs with your scarves. Light towels or streamers will work as props for these songs as well!

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