Songs That Say Your Child’s Name

In multiple posts I have talked about how important I think it is to have songs that use each child’s individual name if possible. I think that this encourages engagement and helps a child belong to a group. Using songs that utilize names also reinforces ‘turn taking’ and being patient as another child is being sung to or about.  I am always on the lookout for children’s songs that use each of their names, but I also modify a lot of different songs throughout the year to use their names. Who doesn’t like to hear their name?

Last week I shared 2 songs that I use as Hello and Goodbye songs during music time and other structured activities. Both these songs greet and say goodbye to each child in your group. I have complied 6 more songs that you can use in groups or just in your home that your kids will love, especially because each song will say their name!

Where is Thumpkin?

This is a well known song/finger play that helps children isolate different fingers. This song can be easily modified to use individual names. The lyrics are endless. I have so many different versions for church, preschool, family night, etc. Here is the easiest and most universal.

Where is (insert name here)
Where is (insert name here)
Raise your hand
Raise your hand
We’re so glad to meet you
We’re so glad to meet you
Goodbye (insert name here)
Goodbye (insert name here).

Cookie Jar Song

I remember LOVING this song in kindergarten. I am excited to teach this to my oldest. This is a familiar game song that allows children to pass to each other (using their names). Kids love this song because it is goofy and silly. It is a great get to know you song for young school age children. It is just a silly chant with no tune.

(Accuser) Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
(insert name here) stole the cookies from the cookie jar.
(Accused) Who me?
(Accuser) Yes you!
(Accused) Couldn’t be!
(Accuser) Then who?

*Start over with Accused being the accuser and passing the blame game on.


Mary, Will You Stand Up

I remember this song from preschool, but could not find a source.However, it it is WINNER! My three year old loves this song. It could be used as a great “Hello” song for 3 years and up!

Mary, will you stand up and let us see your smile,
We’re glad your here today, won’t you stay awhile.
*(insert different names into ‘Mary’)

Hey Lolli

This is the easiest song that I use nonstop from the time my children are born. I love to sing to my small babies and especially use their names. When they are a bit older I add rhythm sticks. (which is the best prop ever!!!)

Hey Lolli Lolli Lolli,
Hey Lolli Lolli oh,
Hey Lolli Lolli Lolli
Hey Lolli Lolli oh.
*(insert name into Lolli)

*When using the rhythm sticks I have each child pick a movement to do with their sticks when we sing their name. (rolling, tapping, rubbing, walking, etc.)

Mary’s Wearing a Red Dress

This is a great song to learn colors and involve each child in a personal way. I start by singing about Mary’s dress, but then go around the room and name the different colors and shirts that the different children are wearing by inserting their name into “Mary”. I will ask the child what color they are wearing seconds before we start to give each child a chance to engage and feel involved.

Mary’s wearing a red dress, red dress, red dress
Mary’s wearing a red dress all day long.

Jordyn’s wearing a green shirt, green shirt, green shirt
Jordyn’s wearing a green shirt all day long.
*insert different names and colors.

Willoughby Wallaby

By Raffi

This is a FAVORITE song. It is silly and practices rhyming words. We love to lounge around and sing this song. We think of all the people we know and put their names in.

Willoughby Wallaby Woo
An elephant sat on you.
Willoughby Wallaby Woo
An elephant sat on me.

Willoughby Wallaby ‘Wadison’
An elephant sat on Madison.
Willoughby Wallaby ‘Wordyn’
An elephant sat on Jordyn.

(the song works well when you start the ‘rhymed’ name with ‘W’)

Good luck with these songs. Using a child’s name is my favorite engagement trick and they love it too!

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