Hello and Goodbye Songs for Children’s Music Time

I find that it is important to start and end a music time with children the same way. Especially with children that are younger and unseasoned music time attenders. I use these exact 2 songs every single time I host a music time. I find that this is especially important for younger kiddos. When I first started hosting a music time, my oldest daughter was around 9 months. Her friends were a bit older. While the music time consisted of a lot of moms singing and modeling ‘all’ the activities, we still started with the same opening and closing songs which introduced the consistent routine and helped the young ‘babies’ actively listen and be engaged.

There are so many ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ songs out there. I have come across many that I have liked and have been tempted to adopt. However, I always revert back to my old ways with my two classics. These two songs are tried true with all ages, (even babies). I use these songs with my family during family night as well.

Tips for ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ songs for young children:

  1. Short and sweet –  you don’t want to loose your kiddo’s attention. Don’t make it lengthy, and be ready to move on directly after. Check out my tips to engage your littles during music time.
  2. Involve some movement – even if the song does not have any obvious movement, add some clapping, tapping, pounding, or marching.
  3. Use their names – this is  my own personal standard and can only be used realistically in semi small (consistent) groups. However, I feel it makes a difference in the level of engagement. It helps unify your group and encourages each individual feel that have a important contribution when they participate.

Here are the two songs I use the most consistently with my little music time groups. It is age appropriate for even the youngest of ages. Both are short and sweet, use a little movement, and of course, address each child by name. Here are the lyrics to my simple songs as well as a video at the bottom for the tune.

Hello/Welcome Song: Here We Are Together

This is a very familiar song that the parents in music time will immediately recognize and be able to help you sing. (so helpful when working with children under 3 especially when most don’t sing aloud). If you have more then 4 children, you can either extend the ‘ands’ or sing the verse again. It works either way. I usually have children clap to the beat during this song.

Here we are together together together,
Here we are together at our music time.
There’s ___________, and __________ and _______________and _____________
Here we are together at our music time.

Goodbye/Closing Song: Goodbye Song

I looked up the lyrics to this song and nothing is coming up. I am not sure exactly where this song came from, but I still love it and use it. It is very short (even more important for a closing song). As we say goodbye to each child individually I have children wave goodbye to that child. If you have more kiddos, just add more goodbye lines.

Music time is over,
It’s time to say goodbye.
Goodbye until the next time,
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye.
Goodbye ___________, Goodbye______________,
Goodbye_____________, Goodbye everyone!

Do you know any hello and goodbye songs that you prefer? Library story times sometimes have their own unique ones that you can try out with your group or family.

For more tips about how to have music time with your family and friends read my post about the very first steps to start your own.


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