5 Little Ducks ~ Felt Story

I shared the very common song of 5 Little Ducks in my list of songs we are singing in June. Currently it is one of our favorite songs. I didn’t have any type of visual for this song so I decided to create one.

This DIY felt story is very simple and useful. It takes very minimal and inexpensive supplies and some amateur gluing skills.


Craft Felt -You can also buy it by one sheet at a time at any craft store or even Walmart.
Misscrafts 42pcs 6″ x 6″ (15x15cm) 1mm Thick Soild Felt Nonwoven Fabric Sheet Pack DIY Craft Patchwork Sewing Squares Assorted Colors
Google Eyes ( I like this assorted pack)
Creativity Street Wiggle Eyes Assorted Sizes, Black, 100-Piece (CKC344602)
Hot Glue Gun – I have used this one for years, and my mom used it before me.
Adhesive Technologies 05694 Mini Hi-Temp Glue Gun (& Combo Pack) Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Duck Pattern – download is below


  1. Download and cut out pattern
  2. Lay pattern on the felt and cut out to match shape.
  3. Hot glue the beaks and wings to the ducks.
  4. Stick the googly eyes on.
    I used slightly different sizes for the bigger mother duck and the smaller baby ducks.
  5. Sing the Song!!!

If you do not have a felt board you can use your carpet or an upholstered couch cushion! Madison (3) loved playing teacher and would sing it for us and move the ducks around. Jordyn (20m) also loved to hide the ducks behind the board as we counted down. On my Instagram I have a short video in my ‘Songs with Visuals’  video highlights on my profile of Madison ‘playing teacher’ and using the felt story! I also attached the two little I-phone videos at the bottom of this post.

Click on the image to download the pattern.

thumbnail of Duck Pattern

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