Easy DIY Spider puppet ~ Easy Spider Song

So I originally thought I should save these spiders for Halloween, but if I am being perfectly honest, spiders die here Iowa by the the time Halloween comes. Right now, in the Spring and Summer is really when we see them. Even the classic fingerplay of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” takes place in Spring!

Even though this is a great ‘festive’ Halloween song. I use this simple song all year. It’s main purpose isn’t to sing about scary spiders, but to help children learn and isolate different body parts. Thinking about it, you could actually use any puppet or any animal for this song. However, I had spider puppets and it seemed like a good fit.

These little puppets are ridiculously easy to make. All you need is some basic sewing or gluing skills.

* Black Felt – I buy the cheap felt you buy by the sheet. You need about 1.5 sheets to make one puppet. You can also buy in bulk if you want to make a lot.
* Scissors
* Big Googly Eyes
* Sewing machine with black thread
* Strong fabric glue or hot glue gun

Easy 3 Step Instructions


Step 1: Cut out the spider puppet from the pattern. There should be two pieces. (Pattern is at the bottom of the post)

Step 2: Glue or sew the smaller piece of the body to the back of whole spider. Make sure to leave a hole at the bottom for the hand to slip through. Glue will work, sewing will just guarantee durability.

Step 3: Glue on googly eyes.

ALL DONE! You are ready to sing. This song is fun for toddlers. It teaches them different body parts and even has some goofy sound effects that younger and older kids both love. Plus using fun sound effects is a great tip to improve your child’s music conscientiousness and voice skills.

The Spider Song

tune” If You’re Happy and You Know It”

There’s a spider on my head on my head “ooo eee”
There’s a spider on my head on my head “ooo eee”
There’s a spider on my head “aack”
There’s a spider on my head “aack”
There’s a spider on my head on my head.


Click below for spider puppet pattern

thumbnail of Spider Pattern 1thumbnail of Spider Pattern 2

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