In the Leafy Treetops ~ Free Printable Visuals

As promised here are the visuals to “In the Leafy Treetops” I shared in my list of songs we are singing in May. I plan to share a lot of visuals in the future, but decided to start you with one of my absolute favorites. These visuals are manipulative visuals and your child can practice some fine motor skills while using these. I recommend printing a set for everyone in your family. Sharing is overrated. These visuals are so easy that I have a whole bag full so ALL the children in my church groups, music groups, or just play group can have their own.

How to Use These Visuals

These visuals are fairly easy to create and use. Just print and cut out the images.You also cut out the little holes in the center of the bird and stick your thumb and pointer finger through to make a beak. It is challenging enough to engage all young ages, but easy enough for everyone to feel successful.

For the little tulip, you can tape a little Popsicle stick to the back and ‘nod’ the flower back and forth as you sing the second verse. I would recommend laminating them for durability.


I hope you enjoy one of my favorite spring songs! Check out my last post for the lyrics and music. Click on image below for the free printable.

thumbnail of IntheLeafyTreetops


Sharing is Caring!

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