When To Sing To Your Baby

I vividly remember an experience I had with my oldest daughter, Madison, when she was just a week old. As a brand new mom, I was exhausted! I was not accustomed to getting up in the night to feed a baby and the responsibility of another human being can be very draining. We had just calmed down for the night, gotten her in pajamas, and were sitting on the couch. Madison has always been a very alert child, but not very calm. She was slightly fussy, and mostly just seemed bored or frustrated. My mother had given me a book that contained a familiar song that I had always loved. I took out the book to look at the beautiful pictures and began singing the words. I will always remember how instantly Madison became calm. She stared right at me and seemed to hang onto EVERY word.

Singing is the easiest way to connect with your baby!

Knowing what song to sing to your baby can be hard. You can start with my 5 different fingerplays. Songs that you remember from your childhood are also a great and timeless option. Children’s religious songs are also an amazing resource that I rely upon constantly.  Listening to music in your home is definitely recommended, however, research has shown that infants love and prefer familiar voices, especially their mother’s voice.

However, even with multiple songs in our arsenals, it is sometimes hard to remember and get into the routine of singing to your baby. This can be especially true for a young baby who seems to have very little reactions (that we can see) to your singing. However, think of singing time(s) with your baby as their first language lessons. Singing is usually in a higher pitch that babies prefer and contains a pleasurable rhythm. This engages their attention and will have positive language development benefits.

For all these reasons and more, I have compiled a list of when a parent can include singing into their routine.

When To Sing To Your Baby

  1. Feeding – Whether you a nurse or bottle feed you baby, feeding is a very bonding experience. Adding in a song will be an added bonus. For me it is difficult not to get bored and want to look at my phone. (I definitely sometimes do) However, looking and interacting with your baby as you nurse will help you get to know your baby and vise versa. You can learn your baby’s cues to communicate and earning their trust by responding. When they start to eat solids,singing is a great way to keep your little one’s attention and even distract them from making a huge mess.
  2. Getting Dressed – You can sing whether you are getting dressed, or your getting your baby dressed. I love to use songs that are upbeat and exciting. It give me and my child a good start to the day. The mundane tasks don’t seems so bad with a little song.
  3. Riding in the car – Some babies love car seats and some do not. Regardless, singing can be a great way to calm your distressed with car seat rider and a way to liven up a long trip or a quick errand.
  4. Changing a diaper – Most of the time, I try to rush through this little chore. It doesn’t usually come at the most convenient times. (usually right before church) However, when I make the time I really like to use little tickling songs and chants. Tickling their squishy bellies and kissing their baby feet always brings a smile to my baby’s face.
  5. Nap times – I am the type of mom that loves a good schedule! I try really hard to put my babies down for nap around similar times every day. With one child it was fairly easier, adding children makes it a little harder. Nevertheless, right before is a perfect time for a little song.I try to give my babies one on one time singing right before they go down for a nap.
  6. Afternoon dance party – Okay ,so this isn’t a specific time in every household, but it definitely should be! Our afternoons are hard. After nap time,right before or during the time I need to make dinner almost kills me EVERY SINGLE DAY! Singing a fun, lively song while shake those hips with a baby in your arms can brighten anyone’s evening. These are the times I can vividly remember both of my girl’s adorable baby laughs.
  7. Bath Time -There are so many cute bath time songs. I love to use this time to sing songs that teach different parts of their body. Squeaky clean noses, toes, and belly buttons are the best.
  8. Bedtime –  I am all about those routines. Stability is the key to make this mama happy. I love to sing a calm religious song or a lullaby before I lay my baby down.

The time that we have with our babies is precious. It seems cliche, but it does go by fast. Singing helps me slow down and enjoy the little time I have to enjoy my tiny baby.




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